Free Flow – Taiwanese artist Po Chun Cheng


Flow with whatever may happen, and let your mind be free: Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” Zhuanzi

Po Chun Cheng’s paintings act as abstract visual poems rich of optimism that suggest a necessary return to our roots.

Growing up near the sea, spoilt with mystic sceneries on the coastline of Taiwan, his artistic style concentrates on the search for symbiosis with nature, which we have long abandoned for a life in the city. Not only have we lost ourselves in a world of material consumption, we also have started to neglect the natural world. Po Chun Cheng’s practice centers on the idea of coexisting in harmony with nature and adds a hint of nostalgia to it.

Through the language of art, the artist conveys a message of happiness and positivity. To him, modern society has led us astray in our search for pragmatism and efficiency. We strive for material possessions to make ourselves happy and the stability that a secure job would offer us yet we seem to forget that our true essence can only be found when we rid ourselves of superfluous desires and distractions.

In his studio, Po Chun Cheng nostalgically collects childhood toys and gadgets as a reminder of a time when life was simple and free. These collectible items evoke a sense of play and joy that the artist has delightfully incorporated into his artworks.


The artist’s style has developed with the exploration of Eastern philosophies like that of Laozi and Zhuanzi which he studied during his MFA. The core of their teachings focuses on establishing a natural order, a sturdy balance that should not be upset between humans and the cosmos. Po Chun Cheng’s ambition is to fuse both Eastern and Western ideas onto his canvas. He also cites Baudrillard’s “Hyper-realism” as one of his most seminal theories, which calls for the depiction of “another copy of his world”, an imitation of his reality.

The repetitive patterns seen in his paintings are reminiscent of tattoos that aboriginal communities create in diverse parts of the world. Po Chun Cheng uses them for their simplicity and purity. In his approach, just like that of Kandisky, he searches and explores a universal language that can be devised through geometric shapes, forms and colors but also musical rhythm. The artist believes music allows for the free flow of imaginative thoughts and guides him throughout the creative process.


Moreover, Calligraphy has also been an important influence in his practice. Having been taught by his father, most of his early years were spent religiously practicing the ancient Chinese art, which is yet another element of his signature.

Po Chun Cheung will soon take part in an art residency program in New-York.

Text: Julie Diebold


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